Dating in academia is riddled with potholes, the most immediate of which is do not stray far from your academic discipline. Curious indeed considering that the academic world is meant to be populated by an abundance of young and energetic minds from a variety of different cultures, races and ethnicities, all of whom are hungry for new information and experiences. One would think that such an environment would provide the perfect dating terrain, right? Browse our academic job listings. Inter-disciplinary dating remains a largely theoretical proposition in academia, and that is to say nothing of the taboo against undergraduates dating postgraduates – or vice versa. Whereas the first of these can be termed horizontal dating, and carries casual social penalties, the second, vertical dating, is often viewed with much more serious contempt. As in every social and professional situation, groups quickly form, select cliques are established and patterns followed, until soon enough you find yourself surrounded solely by people on the same course and level of study as yourself. Clearly, though, this is rarely the case. And yes, the library is as hostile a terrain as you will ever come across.

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A Guide to Dating in Academia

Please contact staff by email. Join Login. Download this report here. Various constituencies make claims to academic freedom and freedom of speech in the academic community. Consequently, even professors, lawyers and judges “are not always clear whose academic freedom is at stake.

What is it like dating/being married to someone in academia when you are not one yourself? What is it like for a non-doctor to marry a doctor?

Economist c. Broette here. Just want to say I admire your self-awareness and commitment to working things out I. It seems you’re unhappy, though. You’ve obviously thought very carefully about your marriage and concluded that you’d like a different partner. Perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel. I agree with the previous replies I. But if this doesn’t resolve the issue, then it may be best to part ways and search for what’ll make you happy.

That’s the most cowardly thing to do. Have enough dignity and respect for yourself, your wife, and your child — end it before ever stepping out. Good luck!

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Hi All! I am currently engaged to a PhD student aiming to finish by next year. My parents are urging me to wait until he finishes and when he has secured a job before geting married, and I have had a hard time arguing against this point even though I think they are misguided. These are some of my arguments and their responses:.

Just don’t be an a**hole like a few of the academics I’ve met who are I dated her because I was too socially awkward to date non-academics, and a fellow grad admit I sometimes regret not dating and finding a wife outside of academia.

I spent a lovely evening a couple of years ago having dinner with the R. Yes, I live a complicated life. Andrew, an academic psychiatrist, and Mike, a physicist, kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday. They are, naturally, good friends. Finally, I confessed that what I really wanted was a good old-fashioned date. I’m 37 years old, very fit, and reasonably attractive. I’m a darn good dater.

I like to date. Why couldn’t I find anyone to go out with? Sparkling conversation with a stunningly attractive and brilliant man across a smoky barroom table — was that too much to ask? Of course, living in an academic community puts its own spin on the question.

The Perils of Dating a PhD Student (or: an Honest Academic’s Dating Profile… )

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But having a significant other outside of academia can be a truly wonderful thing. To start out, let me preface by saying that dating someone in academia can also be a wonderful thing, with its own unique set of challenges. It can be a beautiful thing. I will be upfront about my personal experiences: I have never seriously dated anyone who was in academia.

The thing is, though, that this is an issue with every relationship. Personally, I love the differences in perspective that come from being with someone with completely different career and academic interests. I like being pushed outside of my science-bubble.

Women in Academia: When Your Significant Other Isn’t in Academia

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Q4: Thoughts on dating as an academic? Tricks of the trade you’ve learned along the way? Any particular characteristics of a catch for an.

Seriously, one of the main deterrents I have to entering academia is having to deal with people who can’t function in a normal environment. Out of the numerous grad students and professors I have dated, I would say about have had problems with normal life activities similar in magnitude to this guy, and whereas it didn’t bother me very much, most of the time I was like, WTF. People in academia just seem so anxious about everything, in a way that people in other high-stakes high-profile jobs such as finance or medicine aren’t.

It really makes one reconsider the precariousness of academic life. Basically, I hate scholars because they’re petty, I hate students because they’re stupid Why am I here? I haven’t had the same experience. He’s still racking up student debt in school and this will be his 4th time going into a program, I think.

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